Could we be really living in the Matrix?

This has always bothered me, the fact things in our universe have constants which in computer programming are sometimes based on the limitations of the hardware running the program, is not reassuring!


At the low end, we have the Space-time lattice and Einstein’s Quantum foam in the Planck length, several orders of magnitude bellow a Yoctometer (1/100 of the diameter of an electron) where reality breaks down and it is impossible to measure anything. Silas Beane, at the University of Bonn in Germany is taking a stab at the idea, by examining just that, if the spacing of the Space-time lattice imposes any kind of limitation on the physical processes we see in the universe. And he seemed to have found the instrument to measure just that! His proposition: There cannot be higher energy states than those allowed by the fabric of space, with the higher energy distribution happening along the axis of the lattice where such high energy states are allowed to exist. He will measure if some of the highest energy components in the universe, the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (physical particles with enormous kinetic energy and traveling close to the speed of light) have an angular distribution that would exhibit cubic symmetry in the rest frame of the lattice, deviating significantly from isotropy (uniformity in all orientations).


vi /home/god/universe/constants.h:
#define MAX_SPEED_OF_STUFF 299792458 <== Scarier than any Friday the 13th movie

It all sounds mind boggling and exciting, but also very complicated. Simple answers are better than complex answers, so to me a much simple aspect of our Universe yields a better solution in the most simple of ways. As a programmer the one constant that scares me out of my wits is that of the Speed of Light, since it is the very maximum speed at which anything can travel in the universe, the upper limit to the speed by which information can be transferred and the limit by which interactions can happen in the Universe. This in essence proves that the underlying mechanism which supports our reality has an inherent simulation limit!

If blackholes are the places where God divided by zero, then God must be using math run the Universe.