Software is like a cupcake recipe

I believe in Civic Hacking, I really do, I actually started the trend in Puerto Rico at a time when saying “Hacker” inside a government office would get you fired (, I also believe in Free and in Open Source, so much that almost everything I create is licensed like so (,

Free and Open Source are means to let others use your creations so they don't have to re-invent the wheel, but instead use your solution and, hopefully get back whatever improvements they come up with along the way. Along side giving access to my work, I give this access free of charge. This is not a requirement of Free or Open Source, it is a personal choice.

What Free and Open Source are not? They are not licenses for appropriation of work, you get a lot of freedoms, claiming that you created the resource (in this case software) is not one of them.
These are the reasons stuff like this is wrong (


These are in fact projects I've created.

There are more instances but I guess you get the point. Working and believing in Free or Open Source is like using your knowledge as a pastry chef to come up with a very tasty recipe for cupcakes. Instead of keeping it just for yourself, you decide to let everybody make use of your recipe. I hope you enjoy my cupcakes, just don't claim them as your own.