Take care of your assets, even the ones you don’t know you have.

US dollar

Einstein discovered E=mc², meaning that you take the speed of light, multiply it by itself, then you multiply that result with X amount of matter and that’s how much energy you will get from that ammount of matter, now the shocker... The financial and business worlds have very similar formulas and trains of thoughts! In the monetary sense, everything has value, which is inherent and cannot be separated from, therefore everything is an asset, even time, YOUR time. Time is a one-of-a-kind asset:

  • It is the only asset we are continually spending, even when you don’t want to spend it.
  • Cannot be stored, accumulated or renewed and once gone, it is gone for ever.
  • It is actually very limited, and you don’t even know how much of it you’ve got left...

So in essence time, your time, is the ultimate asset. Are you managing your most important asset accordingly?